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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Returned to my pages to stamp borders, now what shall I add?  Whilst stuck for ideas I picked up an oil pastel to fill in circles in the borders.  The circles, being tiny meant that I was not so much filling them in as smudging outside the line.  This will be good for me who is always striving for perfection,  I am free on theses pages to make as much mess as I like and it does not matter.   This is a whole new experience for me and oil pastels to not work over acrylic paint (something else I have learnt)

A good idea for me will be using quotes found on Pinterest, thank you Lesley for pointing me in this direction  when I needed inspiration.  Now I am addicted, and regarding the quotes have founds loads that I can relate to.

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  1. Glad you are experimenting with imperfection as I know you are a perfectionist. Making art is so freeing. Glad you are enjoying Pinterest, though it is another addiction for us both ha ha. Between us we have so much to inspire us. Can't wait to meet up again so we can craft together. Xx